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Dodgers/Giants Outlook

Hope isn’t dead.

But it would certainly help if it wasn’t on life support.

It’s been a roller coaster month, but that’s baseball. Dry spells and hitting streaks, fortune and famine. Such is the August and September playoff race. With LA currently 4.5 games behind San Francisco, the boys in blue are seemingly close to being able to clinch the division title, with the exception of one thing, the remaining season. The Giants remaining schedule faces teams that are a combined 27 games under .500, while the Dodgers are facing teams with a combined 38 games over .500. That’s pretty significant. LA has to face teams like the red-hot Nats, Reds, as well as the Giants for two more series this September; while the Giants are facing teams like the Rockies, Padres, and D-Backs. The only difficult team they face will be the Dodgers, who are sitting at 8 games above .500. Certainly this is cause for alarm. Mattingly stated so much in an interview: “We don’t think that we’re going to show up and win, just because we got new guys. We’re pretty realistic. We’ve got to play, and we know it.”

Computer models are showing that the Giants have an 80% chance of holding the NL West lead, and the Dodgers only 24% chance of reaching the playoffs, be it through as the division champs or as the NL Wild Card.


Remember the Cardinals were 10 games behind on August 27 of last year, with just a mere 1.1% chance of making the playoffs. The Cards then went on a 16-5 run, increasing their playoffs odds to 18% and change, dropping the Braves odds from 99% to 81%. We all know how the story ends.

Point being, things change. Hope isn’t dead yet, not yet at least. Maybe playoff chances are on life support; but we also have some of the best doctors in the business. Kemp, Ethier, Victorino, Gonzalez, Kershaw, Beckett, and Ramirez. Did you ever think you would see these players on the same team? A year ago I would have laughed. The optimism and passion the new ownership has brought has been a shot in the arm for the struggling Dodgers franchise, it’s good to be a happy citizen in Dodgertown again.

Insight into Cabrera’s Suspension


Great article from the LA Times (Jim Peltz) about Cabrera’s positive test results. The rest of the season is looking bright if they can keep their offense on the level. Leave your comments, we want to hear your opinions!

Insight into Cabrera’s Suspension


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