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New Dodger Stadium Renovations- Los Angeles Times Article

Thought this article was interesting. I love that they’re keeping the retro 50′s feel. Thoughts on the renovations? Comments please!
LA Times Article Here

Dodgers Hire Janet Marie Smith as Senior VP of Planning and Development

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced they hired Janet Marie Smith from the Orioles to oversee future stadium renovations. Smith worked as an architectural consultant for the O’s during the planning and construction phases of Oriole Park, as well as several stadium improvements that were part of the ballpark’s 20th Anniversary celebrations this year. In an interview with with Dodgers president Stan Kasten, he states: “Dodger Stadium is one of the most iconic venues in sports and Janet Marie is one of the few people I would trust with its future. She respects baseball’s tradition and knows how to retain a ballpark’s distinctive charms while providing fans with the amenities and comfort they’ve come to expect. Any fan that has walked through the gates at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the renovated Fenway Park or Atlanta’s Turner Field has been a beneficiary of her understanding of what a ballpark means to its community. Every new baseball stadium built since 1992 has been influenced by what she helped build at Camden Yards.”


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