MLB Pitchers to Wear Padded Caps?



Recent studies on NFL concussions have led to rule changes in football; from changing the kickoff rules, and now talks of removing the kickoff from the game entirely.  My dad is always talking about getting rid of the catcher trucking rule, my feelings are it’s just part of the game. Major League Baseball isn’t looking to radically change the game like that, but rather with padded caps for pitchers to prevent injury from line drives.

Major Leage Baseball is negotiating with different companies for the padded insert for pitchers caps. The one shown is 1/8th of an inch thick made from military grade Kevlar and a rubber based synthetic designed to reduce concussions for pitchers.

Although concussions from a line drive are a very rare occurence; if there is an insert that doesn’t encumber a pitcher’s motion, precautionary measures couldn’t hurt. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment is planning on doing testing on these inserts in the near future.

Zack Greinke on Becoming a Dodger

Dee Gordon Trade Rumors

I love me some Dee. Every time I see him go into the game as a pinch runner the little kid in me gets excited. I’m ready for a stolen base, or to stretch the bases and go for broke. Dee’s lightning, several scouts giving him an 80 for speed on the 80-point scale.

But the problem with Dee is, too many errors at shortstop; and speed doesn’t matter much when you can’t get on base. Gordon’s OBP last year was sitting at just .280 in 303 at-bats; and batting at a mere .228.

As for defensively, Dee needs some work. I see way too many errors on routine plays. Remember the game against the Reds in the middle of the slump in September when Hanley fouled one off his shin and Gordon came in? Dee missed the routine grounder and sailed the ball seven feet over Gonzalez’s head into the stands, only to have Phipps hit a two-run homer into left. And insult to injury, Dee went on to make another error in the ninth. I like Dee. He’s just no Hanley.

There’s the downs. Now for the ups that make him a legitimate bargaining chip.

Obviously, he’s young. Age 24 young. He’s fast. Perfect score on scouting reports. Bright future. I think the key to unlock Dee Gordon’s success lies in playing time; which won’t be that often with the Dodgers

So where is going to be a good fit for Dee? Who needs a shortstop?

The Tribe.

The poor man’s Dodgers. A small market team making some big changes in their roster during the offseason. They have their all-star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera on the trading block, and although are losing interest from other teams around the league; the door is still open for a trade with Arizona for Trevor Bauer and Tyler Skaggs. DBacks shortstop Stephen Drew is currently in talks with the Oakland A’s for a potential one-year deal without anything official.

With the new addition of Jake Lemmerman, the Dodgers have 6 utility players, Lemmerman, Sellers, Gordon, Herrera, Uribe (blahh), Hairston and Punto. Couldn’t hurt to trade the one while he’s hot and get some value out of him.

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Dodgers To Pass Yankees Payroll?

Los Angeles, once the laughing stock of the baseball world under the ownership of Frank McCourt and declaring bankruptcy, have given the baseball and financial worlds something new to talk about. With all of the new additions to the team over the past year- the blockbuster Red Sox trade, and additions of Brandon League, Greinke, and Ryu, the Dodgers franchise are on track to be the second team in Major League baseball to have payroll commitments over $200 million next year. And not just stopping there, the Dodgers are to be bigger spenders than the Yankees; who have been the League’s highest rollers for the past 14 years. After the $3.9 million that Boston will be paying Los Angeles next year, the Dodgers have a payroll of $207.9 million in 2013.

Here’s a breakdown of player salaries and their contract details:


Adrian Gonzalez-   $21 million      7 Year/$154 million    Free Agent in 2019

Carl Crawford-       $20 million      7 Year/$142 million    Free Agent in 2018

Matt Kemp-            $20 million      8 Year/$160 million    Free Agent in 2020

Zack Greinke-        $19 million      6 Year/$147 million     Free Agent in 2019

Josh Beckett-         $15.7 million   4 Year/$60 million       Free Agent in 2015

Hanley Ramirez-   $15.5 million   6 Year/$70 million       Free Agent in 2015

Andre Ethier-         $13.5 million  5 Year/$85 million        Free Agent in 2019

Ted Lilly-                 $13.1 million  3 Year/$33 million        Free Agent in 2014

Chad Billingsley-   $11 million     3 Year/$35 million         Free Agent in 2016

Clayton Kershaw- $11 million     2 Year/$19 million         Free Agent in 2014

Wait a minute… What about Ryu?

Quick blog update for those asking-

The Dodgers have until 5:00 PM on Sunday under their exclusive negotiating rights to negotiate a contract with Ryu and his agent, Scott Boras, who is notorious for being a stickler and difficult to deal with. If the Dodgers are unable to negotiate a contract, it is likely that Ryu will pitch in Japan.

The Dodgers have paid $25.7 million for exclusive negotiations with Ryu, so I expect Coletti will be much more open to overspend; seeing as the Dodgers have more money than God. Expect negotiations to go down to the wire; we’ll keep you posted on the cutting edge news on Ryu Hyun-jin.


It’s Official… Greinke Signed Pending Physical

The Dodgers made a controversial signing of Zack Greinke today, with the official numbers at 6-years, $147 million. Sounds like a lot right? Because it is. He’s making more than CC Sabathia with his 2-year contract extension; as the Dodgers number two pitcher. If this is what they’re spending on Greinke, imagine what Kershaw will be asking for in 2014. Last year, Greinke pitched 15-5 with a 3.48 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and 200 SO. Greinke may be on the decline and is certainly past what is usually prime pitching years, but a mere 3 years ago, Greinke was arguably the best starting pitcher in the League. I’d like to apologize for the cop-out analysis; but I believe whether he is overpaid or not will be determined on the mound. His payroll numbers are comparable to that of Cole Hamels, who didn’t even try to got he Free Agency route; so I’m not too eager to point a finger at Ned Colletti and say that the Dodgers overpaid.





Need Inspiration? Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers Rumor- McGwire to the Dodgers?

Although not final yet, Mark McGwire has stated that he intends to take a position with the LA Dodgers as the new hitting coach. He is leaning towards the position because his family is living in Orange County. McGwire himself a twelve time all-star has helped the Cardinal’s younger players become more effective at the plate; including players like David Freese and Matt Carpenter. Though there will always be an asterisk next to his name, who can deny his ability to see the ball and make contact with it. Not to come in favor of steroids in sports, because as we’ve seen with the Melky situation I am very opposed to it. It’s cheating, plain and simple. But, as Ted Williams once said: “The hardest thing to do in baseball is to hit a round ball with a round bat squarely.” And that’s what it’s about. Not many people are able to see the ball and hit it like Mark McGwire, regardless of steroid use. When the Cardinals made the bold decision to hire Mark, during the regular season the Cardinals led the league in batting average, on-base percentage, and OPS in addition to runs. They were also the only team in the National League to have fewer than 1000 strikeouts. I believe this could be a great fit for the Dodgers, with their offense struggling in the latter part of the 2012 season. Nothing about the move has been confirmed yet by either side.

Brandon League Re-Signed

The LA Dodgers have re-signed right-hander Brandon League to a 3 year $22.5 million contract today, and earned his position as the team’s closer. League was acquired in July from the Mariners and was mainly used as a middle reliever, but after Kenley Jansen’s injury, League pitched a perfect 6-for-6 in save opportunites after taking Jansen’s position as closer. The contract also has an option for 2016.


New Dodger Stadium Renovations- Los Angeles Times Article

Thought this article was interesting. I love that they’re keeping the retro 50′s feel. Thoughts on the renovations? Comments please!
LA Times Article Here


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