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Drew Bu-Who?

In his eighth year as General Manager of the Dodgers, Ned Colletti has made a trade on July 31st every year; and it looked as if the streak was going to snap, until minutes after the 4:00 deadline had passed, it was announced that the Dodgers had traded a player to be named later, and/or cash considerations for Twins backup catcher Drew Butera. Anyone remember that scene from Moneyball, where Beane asks the competing GM to stock his soda machines? I hope that’s what was given up; given Butera’s numbers. Drew, the son of a former MLB catcher Sal Butera (also a Twin), has put up dismal batting numbers in his career, .182/.230/.263 in 534 plate appearances to be exact. Pretty safe to say Federowicz’s job is safe; but Colletti stated that he’ll be the organization’s third catcher when the rosters expand in September.

All in all, what a boring trade deadline. I hope all of you got a good chuckle out of the Bud for Hoes trade like I did. 

Dodgers begin an eight game road trip tonight, to the north side of Chicago, then off to St Louis. The Cubs are 5-5 in their last 10 games, which included a sweep of the Giants, and then losing 3 of 4 to the Brewers, without Ryan Braun, I might add. The Cardinals have been on a losing tear with the loss of Yadier Molina, losing 7 straight to the Braves and Pirates. The Pirates look to finish the 5-game series with a sweep tonight.

Quick update on Kemp, reports are he still can’t walk without limping, and it looks as if he’ll be out until September. Yikes.

Brian Wilson is a Dodger/Joe Nathan Rumors

Here come the “live long enough to see yourself become the villain” Brian Wilson memes. The Dodgers signed Brian Wilson to a minor league deal through the 2013 earlier today. Wilson underwent Tommy John surgery last April, after making just two starts for the San Francisco Giants. Wilson led the league in saves in 2010, and allowed only 15 percent of inherited runners to score from 2008 to 2011, the best in the majors. Not terrible. Not at all. Especially when you didn’t even have to give up prospects to obtain more depth. Wilson is projected to be called up to the Dodgers club in mid-August, and will be the setup man for Kenley Jansen.

However, there are rumors that Jansen’s closer role may still be in jeopardy.

The Texas Rangers are looking to obtain more outfielders; with the upcoming Biogenesis suspension looming over Nelson Cruz. It is possible we could see another trade; after all, every single year Colletti has been GM, he has made a trade on July 31. Why not this year?

Not that I believe it makes sense. I don’t see Pederson or Van Slyke being sustainable through the playoff race; especially when Crawford is as injury-prone as he is, not to mention Kemp. As far as I see it, the closer role is fixed already. I see Kenley Jansen as the guy for the closer job. He’s getting better with time and more comfortable in the closer position. I understand Jansen is good and Nathan is great; potentially a Hall of Fame candidate. One could also make the argument that a move to the pitcher-friendly National League could potentially improve Nathan’s numbers; but for how long? Nathan’s 38 years old. Should Ethier be traded for someone that the Dodgers would get a couple year’s usage out of with a team that has a playoff contention? Even with Ethier’s declining numbers, I say nay. By now it’s obvious that Ethier won’t be a Dodger forever, but the timing is all wrong.

Meaningful? Eh. Noteworthy? I suppose. Interesting? Definitely.

Quick thought, Brandon League has more wins than the San Francisco Giants had last week. Let that sink in. The failure that is (was?) Brandon League had more wins than the defending World Series champions. Three of the Dodgers last five wins, to be exact. He had 2 scoreless outings and only allowed 1 earned run through 8.1 innings.

Am I saying he should have a chance at the closer role? Oh, no.

But the depth in the what-used-to-be terrible bullpen is so nice to have. Dominguez and Rodriguez have been nothing short than impressive; but I think it could use some tweaks here and there. Keep an eye out for the John Axford rumors in the next two days, the $5 million price tag is scaring away teams, and now seems down to the Dodgers and Tigers.

Also, to the Puig walk-off slide haters, you wouldn’t care less if it were someone like Evan Longoria, stop pretending to care. Let the kid play the game his way. If it works, it works. As Miguel Montero said, if he’s going to be humbled, the game will humble him; not armchair commissioners with keyboards on twitter.

And that’s the gospel according to this Dodger blogger. Goodnight, Dodgertown.

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2013 Dodgers Draft Review

Exciting week for the Los Angeles Dodgers with incredible performances by Yasiel Puig, and the 2013 MLB Draft. Here’s a quick breakdown on the first 3 draft picks made by the Dodgers this year.

1- (18th Overall) Chris Anderson, RHP. At 20 years old, 6’4, 225 lbs, this junior from Jacksonville University was projected by scouts to go at the end of the first round. Anderson has a plus-fastball, plus-slider combination and a very good changeup as well. Anderson is projected to be a solid mid-rotation pitcher.

2- (56th Overall) Tom Windle, LHP. Windle is 21 years old, 6’4, 210 lbs from the University of Minnesota. Windle has a 6-4 record, with a 2.14 ERA. In an interview with the Big Ten Network, Windle stated: “My style of pitching is pretty simple, I trust what I have. When I’m out there, I don’t think too much, I just want to attack the batter.

3- (92nd Overall) Brandon Dixon, 3B. Dixon is a 20 year old, 6’4, 210 lb. Junior at the University of Minnesota. You may recognize Dixon as the man who drove in the winning run with a 9th inning double to win the 2012 College World Series. Dixon was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2009 but didn’t sign. Dixon is a Southern California native, graduating from Murrieta High School in Riverside County.

Viva Puig!

The Dodgers got a fresh start after sending Crawford, Kemp and Capuano to the DL, calling up Yasiel Puig 2 days ago. In Puig’s first outing against the Padres, he hit 2-4 and made the game-ending throw from deep right to get the runner out at first; but the real noise came the next day when Puig hit a leadoff double, blasted a 3-run shot in the fifth inning (after Luis Cruz drew a walk, I might add…) tying the game up at 5. Later in the 6th inning, Puig hits a 2 run line drive homer (after a double by Luis Cruz I might add again….) to give the Dodgers a 9-6 lead. What a relief for this ball club to have someone in the lineup to bring in runners in clutch situations. Listening to Vin Scully call “Viva Puig!” while the Dodgers dugout, nay, everyone in the stadium on their feet, arms raised in celebration. Beautiful. It’s why we love the game.

Now come the Ethier trade rumors. It’s still very premature, but in order to trade him, the Dodgers would have to eat at least half of the 5-year $85 million dollar contract he signed last year; according to an unnamed rival GM. Another rival GM stated to Jon Heyman with CBS; “no player is untradable if the team eats enough of the money. I’d bet they’d have to eat half.” Andre has lost favor with Mattingly; he’s already the odd man out of the lineup. Assuming Kemp and Crawford don’t have complications, we could see an Ethier trade in the upcoming trade season.

Tonight, Kershaw (5-2, 1.85 ERA) will seek the sweep of the Padres.

Matt Kemp Hosts “42″ Screener

Before I yap too much about Mr. Kemp hosting a private screener for “42″, I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog posts in the offseason. For those asking, yes I’m still around and will be back into the swing of things this upcoming season. Thanks for your patience!

The Dodgers asked Matt Kemp to host a private showing of the upcoming biographical movie, 42, in a theater in Glendale, AZ. The screening included members of the past and present Dodgers, including Maury Wills, former NL MVP Shortstop. In an interview with Major League Baseball, Wills stated: “It actually brought tears to my eyes. I was living a lot of that movie. I knew Jackie personally. I barnstormed with him in 1953 when I was in the Minor Leagues. We would tour the South after the season and he paid me $300 for the month. I would have done it for nothing. I got to know him, he was a no-nonsense person, nice man, stern, firm — he would check the bus every night to make sure we were all there as we went from one city to another. It was quite an experience.I don’t know many other people who could have survived the way Jackie did, to come out on the other end. I knew this film was well put together and I enjoyed it.”

“42″ is set to release April 12. See the trailer below

Major League Musings: Where We’d Love To See Expansion Teams

I have plenty of time in my day to daydream about baseball; especially in the offseason. Not a whole lot of number crunching except for the free agent market and trades, so I come up with completely off-the-wall speculations and ‘what-if’s’ when it comes to America’s pastime. And so begins the first of a new segment on the blog, under the working title Major League Musings. Today’s topic- where would we love to see MLB expansion teams?

Las Vegas- A heavily populated metro area with no professional sports teams. Why not? Yes, it’s hot, but the city has the funds to build a dome stadium. Since it’s such a hot tourist spot, it would bring in baseball fans to the stadium to take a break from the debauchery going on in the surrounding city to enjoy a ball game.

Portland- Sure, it’s a basketball town; but a loyal one. A lot of sports fans in the area, and could be a great rivalry with the Mariners and the A’s. Why not? It’s populated enough with a loyal fanbase; similiar to Las Vegas’ population, and certainly higher than that of Kansas City’s. Alright, I can see why that’s not a great argument to make. Let’s move on.

Salt Lake City- This one hits near and dear to me as a Dodgers fan living in the SLC area. I don’t know many sports franchises with such a loyal (albeit small) fanbase. The fans absolutely love the Utah Jazz, even though they’re a punchline in the basketball world. The weather in the summer is perfect for baseball; with a successful MiLB team, the Salt Lake Bees who saw players such as Mike Trout, Howie Kendrick, Jered Weaver and David Ortiz. There were rumors of the Cleveland Indians relocating here; but simply put, the metro area, although growing, just isn’t large enough.

Louisville- Could it be any more obvious? MLB’s newest team, the Louisville Sluggers. Duh. I can’t believe this one has slipped past.

Orlando- Nope. Baseball in Florida isn’t doing so great. Too close to the Marlins disappointment last year and the Rays.

Sorry to get the hopes up of any cities I may have listed here, but don’t hold your breath. Baseball took a gamble back when the Rockies and Marlins appeared on the scene, and baseball is hardly in the same shape as it was then. It just doesn’t seem like a gamble that owners and Major League Baseball is willing to make quite yet, but that’s the fun in speculation. It’s a way to kill time and think “what if?” Opinions? Feel free to comment!

Vote Matt Kemp for cover of MLB The Show 2013!

Vote Matt Kemp for cover of MLB The Show 2013!

More information at

We’ll keep you updated on new information!

Twitter Questions- Lohse to Giants?

I’ve been receiving a few questions about the Giants potentially signing Kyle Lohse and my opinions on it. Simply said, I doubt it. Lincecum and Zito are their fourth and fifth guys; and I seriously doubt they would pay him that much money (he was paid $11 million last year with the Cards..) for him to be in the bullpen.

If I had to guess, I’d say watch for the Royals to make a move.


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