Brian Wilson is a Dodger/Joe Nathan Rumors

Here come the “live long enough to see yourself become the villain” Brian Wilson memes. The Dodgers signed Brian Wilson to a minor league deal through the 2013 earlier today. Wilson underwent Tommy John surgery last April, after making just two starts for the San Francisco Giants. Wilson led the league in saves in 2010, and allowed only 15 percent of inherited runners to score from 2008 to 2011, the best in the majors. Not terrible. Not at all. Especially when you didn’t even have to give up prospects to obtain more depth. Wilson is projected to be called up to the Dodgers club in mid-August, and will be the setup man for Kenley Jansen.

However, there are rumors that Jansen’s closer role may still be in jeopardy.

The Texas Rangers are looking to obtain more outfielders; with the upcoming Biogenesis suspension looming over Nelson Cruz. It is possible we could see another trade; after all, every single year Colletti has been GM, he has made a trade on July 31. Why not this year?

Not that I believe it makes sense. I don’t see Pederson or Van Slyke being sustainable through the playoff race; especially when Crawford is as injury-prone as he is, not to mention Kemp. As far as I see it, the closer role is fixed already. I see Kenley Jansen as the guy for the closer job. He’s getting better with time and more comfortable in the closer position. I understand Jansen is good and Nathan is great; potentially a Hall of Fame candidate. One could also make the argument that a move to the pitcher-friendly National League could potentially improve Nathan’s numbers; but for how long? Nathan’s 38 years old. Should Ethier be traded for someone that the Dodgers would get a couple year’s usage out of with a team that has a playoff contention? Even with Ethier’s declining numbers, I say nay. By now it’s obvious that Ethier won’t be a Dodger forever, but the timing is all wrong.

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I knew Wilson was going to be an effective pitcher, along with Jansen great 9th inning K’s. I was a little perturbed at Coach Mattingly, for attempting to take the bat,out of Uribe’s hands. I am so glad he was forced to allow one of the best ,clutch hitters ,to swing. What a swing it was!!! Ramirez, Uribe, and Puig are my favorite hitters . GO DODGERS. ..ISIAH LEWIS

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