Meaningful? Eh. Noteworthy? I suppose. Interesting? Definitely.

Quick thought, Brandon League has more wins than the San Francisco Giants had last week. Let that sink in. The failure that is (was?) Brandon League had more wins than the defending World Series champions. Three of the Dodgers last five wins, to be exact. He had 2 scoreless outings and only allowed 1 earned run through 8.1 innings.

Am I saying he should have a chance at the closer role? Oh, no.

But the depth in the what-used-to-be terrible bullpen is so nice to have. Dominguez and Rodriguez have been nothing short than impressive; but I think it could use some tweaks here and there. Keep an eye out for the John Axford rumors in the next two days, the $5 million price tag is scaring away teams, and now seems down to the Dodgers and Tigers.

Also, to the Puig walk-off slide haters, you wouldn’t care less if it were someone like Evan Longoria, stop pretending to care. Let the kid play the game his way. If it works, it works. As Miguel Montero said, if he’s going to be humbled, the game will humble him; not armchair commissioners with keyboards on twitter.

And that’s the gospel according to this Dodger blogger. Goodnight, Dodgertown.

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